10 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Lemon

Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Lemon

Green tea is one of the most healthy teas since it is made using unoxidized leaves and is not processed as much as other teas. Therefore, it has the top amount of antioxidants and polyphenols that are good for your health.

You can buy green tea as teabags, loose leaf tea, bottled tea sweetened and not sweetened, instant powders, as well as in capsule form as a supplement.

Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Lemon

So, if you want to promote good health, here are 10 health benefits of drinking green tea with lemons:

1. Helps prevent Cancer

Studies show the places in the world where they drink a lot of green tea have lower cancer rates. As well, a study in 2018 revealed topical green tea extract played a role in UVB protection of the skin to ward off skin cancer. And other animal studies with green tea suggest it may also help prevent other cancers such as breast, bladder, ovaries, bowel, throat, lungs, and prostate.

2. Helps With Weight loss

The catechins and polyphenols in green tea have been shown to assist in fat-burning and weight loss. Studies showed that drinking green tea along with some caffeine worked better to lose weight than just taking caffeine. It raises the metabolism, thus promotes the body to get rid of excess fat.

3. Helps get rid of inflammation

Green tea is shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and studies with animals proved the EGCG in green tea has a demonstratable ability to get rid of inflammation. This was done via topical application of green tea extracts. It was also shown to improve the microcirculation of the skin.

4. Promotes good heart health

Studies have shown green tea helps promote good heart health. One such study followed 40K people in Japan aged between 40 and 79 for eleven years. They consumed 5 or more cups of green tea and had much lower death rates caused by heart disease than those who drank no green tea.

Another study in 2016 supported those results as it analyzed 9 studies with more than 250K people who had lower blood pressure, less inflammation, and less of a risk of ischemic as well as heart-related illnesses.

5. Promotes lower cholesterol

A study in 2011 revealed drinking green tea or taking it in pill form brought a significant reduction in the bad LDL kind of cholesterol.

6. Lower Risk of Diabetes Type 2

Several studies have been done to see if green tea helps prevent diabetes type 2 and have shown there is a lower risk in people who drink it vs. those who don’t. Seventeen such trials showed it reduced fasting glucose rates as well as fasting insulin rates.

7. Helps enhance memory

A double-blind study in 2016 using volunteers found green tea shows promise to help with conditions like dementia and one in 2011 found the component in green tea called CAGTE or colon-available green tea extract could help protect cells from free radicals and beta-amyloid peptides that are part of what causes Alzheimer’s.

8. Aids Digestion

Adding lemon juice to green tea makes it easier for the body to absorb the benefits they provide as the catechins in green tea favor acidic environments such as stomach acid and lemon juice. The lemon raises the amount of these healthy catechins six times and thus helps in digestion.

9. Great for Skin and Hair

Green tea with lemon has antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidants that are good for the skin and hair. It is shown to help prevent skin infections when used topically. It can help make your skin and hair shiny and healthy.

10. Promotes Good Liver Health

Green tea with added lemon also helps restore natural ph levels in the body and helps cleanse the liver so it can produce more bile, and in turn, add to digesting foods. Plus, it reduces cell damage if you drink it regularly due to the EGCG levels in the tea.

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