Do belly fat burning drinks before bed work?

Do belly fat burning drinks before bed work? Here's what experts say

Obesity is a major issue worldwide, so many people are looking for ways to cram more weight loss time into their lives. So, they are asking the experts “Do belly fat-burning drinks before bed work?”

We have always been told that eating or drinking at bedtime will cause us to gain fat and weight. However, if you choose the right bedtime drink it can actually help you to burn fat and lose weight!

Recently a study done by Professor Kumpei Tokuyama from the Japan’s University of Tsukuba found that if you drink two hot cups of oolong tea prior to bedtime it can help you lose fat and weight. The study examined how drinking oolong tea versus just picking any sort of caffeine-filled drink would affect the metabolism of fat.

Oolong has qualities of black and green tea, both of which experts have said are good for our health. The two-week study involved healthy volunteers split into three groups. One group drank oolong tea,  another drank a drink with pure caffeine, and the other took a placebo. The result proved the group that drank oolong tea before bed increased their fat-burning abilities by 20 percent in comparison to the others. 

According to Tokuyama, the stimulating effect of oolong tea for breaking down fat while people slept could have some real clinical significance for controlling their weight. He added that in the future they plan more studies using decaffeinated tea to see which works better.

Additional studies done at the University of Knoxville as well as at the University of Tennessee revealed that dietary calcium influences weight loss by increasing the breakdown of fat. Yogurt was used in the University of Tennessee study in 2005 in which dieters who used yogurt drinks lost 22 percent more weight as well as burned 61 percent more fat than those who didn’t use yogurt. 

Additional studies by other researchers found that the following five drinks also could play a role in helping to burn fat while you sleep. They include:

Green Tea

Green tea has been found to have many health benefits due to its containing polyphenols as well as antioxidants known as catechins. These work together to promote the burning of fat in the body. When you drink a cup of green tea prior to bed it also reduces bloating as it jumpstarts the metabolism. 

Cinnamon Tea

Another drink you can make at home for burning fat is cinnamon tea. Cinnamon has been shown to regular sugar in the body, as well as helping to get rid of toxins.  

Celery Juice

Celery has lots of great vitamins like A, B, C, and K, as well as being full of fiber. It gets rid of toxins in the blood and helps us regularize our liver, kidneys, and bowels. Drinking a freshly squeezed cup of celery juice prior to being also helps to get rid of belly fat.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is a known fat burner, as well as it is good for respiratory issues, bloating, and digestive problems. 

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is known to reduce stress and help you sleep. It also has calcium, potassium, and flavonoids which are great for health. The factor that makes it good to drink at bedtime to burn fat is it has detoxing abilities, so it stimulates the body to burn fat.

Although one thing you should note is drinking fat-burning drinks before bed isn’t going to completely get rid of all your excess fat. These drinks merely rev up your metabolism and cause your body to burn fat more efficiently. In order to keep losing weight you have to additionally complement them by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. 

The bottom line is that drinking belly-burning drinks prior to bedtime could assist you in losing excess body fat, but they are not a miracle cure-all that would allow you to still gorge on unhealthy foods or never need to exercise. Above all, prior to starting any sort of campaign to lose weight and excess fat you should schedule a meeting with a doctor or dietitian.

Here are our top 3 recommended supplements & drinks to burn belly fat you could take before bed that actually work:

Fat Burner Tea - Weight Loss Tea - Detox Tea

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