Green Tea Detox Diet: Truth or Myth?

Green Tea Detox Diet

A lot of folks are trying green tea as a kind of detox diet to lose weight and get rid of toxins and other dangerous things in the body. Some say it is great while others say it is nonsense, but can the green tea detox diet really help?

Firstly, it’s simple to make the green tea detox drink. All you need is a tablespoon each of green tea and basil, a few mint leaves, a liter of water, lemons, and sweetener if desired. Just boil the water, then dump it in the tea and basil. Turn off the stove and allow this mixture to cool. Then add the mint, sweetener, and lemons. Now enjoy it several times a day.

Green tea is known for helping people lose excess stomach fat since it boosts their metabolism. Plus it’s great for the skin, as well as it helps to keep cholesterol levels down. When you add some lemon-like in the above recipe, it makes it work even harder to burn fat, therefore helping you to lose weight.

Those who tout the green tea detox process add at least three to six cups of the tea mix to their daily diets for several weeks. It is said to not only aid in weight and fat loss but also help the body dispose of toxins as it boots the immune system and gives the drinker more energy. The liver is very important in the detox process.

Green tea has a lot of polyphenols and flavonoids which assist the liver in getting rid of free radicals that damage cells. It also has antioxidants called epigallocatechin gallate, otherwise called EGCG which is the strongest of the bunch. Plus it is full of L-theanine, an essential amino acid that aids the body in making glutathione, another vital antioxidant for getting rid of toxins in the body.

Here’s an example of how green tea detox supports the liver to help get rid of poisons and toxins. A study was done with rats that showed the EGCG in green tea helped limit the toxic effect of taking too much acetaminophen, which is known to damage the liver.

So, when it comes to the green tea detox diet and finding out if it really works, there are mixed answers. For one thing, green tea helps support the liver but it is the liver that actually does the detoxing of harmful substances in the body. The natural substances in green tea like the above-mentioned polyphenols and other products have a direct effect in aiding the liver since they are antioxidants and help battle dangerous free radicals that harm cells.

So, if you decide to try the green tea detox diet, it will have benefits for your health and may assist in getting rid of dangerous toxins in the body, but it is actually the liver that does most of the work.

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