What Is Ballerina Tea?

What Is Ballerina Tea?

Ballerina tea, also called 3 ballerina tea, has shown up in the news lately because it is said that it can help people lose weight and have other great health benefits from drinking it. It is called Ballerina tea due to the fact people think if you consume it then you too can be skinny and graceful like ballerina dancers.

Ballerina tea is made up of 2 herbs: senna and Chinese mallow, but sometimes lemon or cinnamon gets added. Both those main ingredients are laxatives, so the reason it may help people lose weight is that it rids the body of excess water weight, but you are quite likely to gain this back. This tea doesn’t affect the metabolism of fat like some other teas such as green tea.

However, Ballerina tea does have a lot of antioxidants and flavonoids that help keep the cells safe from damage from free radicals that cause cancer. Studies have shown these flavonoids also reduce your chances of dying from heart disease.

One thing it does since it is made up of two laxatives is relieving constipation. Studies showed that 40 people suffering from constipation consumed senna for four weeks and had nearly a 40 percent less chance of bowel problems.

Ballerina tea is free from caffeine but some drinkers still claim it gives them energy, but there are no studies to confirm this notion.  However, it is possible it can lower blood sugar levels due to the Chinese mallow. Studies with animals and test tubes showed that Chinese mallow promotes the secretion of insulin and that may lessen the chances of developing diabetes.

Ballerina Tea Side Effects

Ballerina tea is seen to cause side effects in some people. Some of these side effects include dehydration, cramps, and diarrhea which could be mild or it could get to severe stage. If you use Ballerina tea for a long time, it also causes water loss since it is a laxative.

Those suffering from liver or kidney problems shouldn’t drink ballerina tea due to the senna in it sometimes causing problems in that area. As in all cases of beginning some sort of new daily change to your diet, you should always talk to your doctor to find out if it could interfere with any medications you are taking or conditions you suffer from.

The bottom line is that ballerina tea is basically a laxative that helps with constipation due to it helping the body get rid of water weight. However, it is not recommended for some folks suffering from liver or kidney problems and if you drink too much it can make you dehydrated too.

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